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Second, an analytics of progressivism must reveal certain standards in theoretical orientation specific to the progressive attitude; some scholars argue that in the 1870s the academia supported the industrial capitalist ideology: the theoretical orientation of progressivism in this period was in favour of reformism and functionalism, including here the literary realism and the pragmatic view in philosophy.
But progressivism went astray owing to a defect in its basic orientation.
The above summary of the party's platform goals reflects the wide-ranging interests of progressivism in 1912, when it was in full flower in this country.
First, it offers serious documentation of the depth of social and racial progressivism among certain Southern Baptist leaders in the two decades following the Second World War.
According to Vaillant, here was musical progressivism at its best, generating "lasting models for public efforts to make music an agent of cultural politics and democratic social change.
The problem is not only that the book rapidly skates over the nineteenth century as the authors hastily make the familiar jump from the Constitutional Founding to twentieth century Progressivism.
Low scores on the WTSEB indicate a proclivity toward transmissivism and high scores suggest a tendency toward progressivism.
The book also provides an excellent review of some of the other ideas which have accompanied or competed with Third Way progressivism.
Papa Jeremiah is fanatically orthodox, contemptuous and hateful of all trends toward progressivism or enlightenment, and considers all seven of his sons to be failures and pagans.
I am yearning for the good old times when most of the liturgy of the Catholic Church was in Latin, which is a "dead" and therefore, constant language, not subject to daily changes initiated by the influence of feminism, modernism and leftist progressivism, and other fads which no doubt will pop up in the future.
Although American progressivism accommodated a wide range of individuals and agendas, its complex amalgam contained several elements that Elwood Mead championed.
The closest attempt comes when Malone states that progressivism sought the "ultimate perfectibility of mankind" (138).