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It means government in general, which, for our progressivist libertarians, is being displaced by the competitive dynamics of the global marketplace.
Ray Markey's insightful anchor piece to the thematic section affirms the importance of recognising both the full significance of the Fisher government's victory and the major contribution of its progressivist impulse to extending the Australian Settlement during the second Fisher government's three years in office.
14) With closer control came a heightened sense of accountability and growing criticism of what many perceived to be progressivist and modernist tendencies, particularly in the academic centers of the church.
Considering the failure of the campaigns for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan, Grant was uncannily prophetic in predicting the end of this secularized progressivist dream.
Such an argument does not find traction in our progressivist times, but it is well worth considering certain aspects of the colonial predicament for a better understanding of the scientific exegesis of the Qur'an.
Donnelly, an Australian observer who is no friend to progressivist education, has still given an accurate description of its essential characteristics and its entrenched position in schools of education:
Montgomery might be most remembered for contributions to the ecumenical woman's missionary movement and her 1910 book, Western Women in Eastern Lands, but she was also was a Wellesley graduate, licensed Baptist preacher, Rochester school board reformer, Women's Educational Industrial Union leader, progressivist, and friend of Susan B.
In fact, the quest for further powers via targeted referendums is strikingly similar to the old concept of asymmetric federalism supported since the 1950s by the Dominican Georges-Henri Levesque, by progressivist liberals such as Lester Pearson and by Conservative leader Robert Stanfield, among many other intellectuals and politicians.
was in effect a 'Liberal-Protestant progressivist tract for the times', written with the Queen's 1887 Jubilee in mind and drawing on his own Congregational upbringing.
5) A progressivist interpretation of the Constitution with respect to cases involving constitutional rights will mean that "discrete and insular minorities" (6) are more likely to have their rights protected, because modern thinking recognises these minority groups as deserving of equal rights (as opposed to at Federation where white men were generally the only protected class).
The Social Gospel writers of the early part of the twentieth century turned the biblical idea of the Kingdom of God into progressivist politics.
Rather, Horsfield's collaboration with Flanders Tapestries asks that we finally think hard--and anew--about our models of time and medium, and move on, at long last, from (post)modernism and the corpse of the nineteenth century that trails along behind it, in the form of the historical century's linear, progressivist, periodized ideas of time, and its totalizing, teleological concepts of medium, not to mention its Hegelian oppositions between form and content and their ever-advancing dissolution.