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As a result, many of the firewalls overlap the restrictions of section 23B, which, as I noted, requires interaffiliate transactions to be at arm's length and on market terms but also prohibits a section 20 affiliate from representing that an affiliated bank is responsible for its obligations and prohibits a bank from purchasing certain products from a section 20 affiliate.
30(a) prohibits public communications and private solicitations by practitioners that contain a false, fraudulent or coercive statement or claim, or a misleading or deceptive statement or claim, eliminating the broader restrictions against "unfair" or "unduly influencing" statements or claims that were also barred by prior Section 10.
The ADA also prohibits discrimination against disabled individuals by facilities open to the public in providing goods, services and so forth.
Retaliation - The ADA prohibits an employer from retaliating against an individual who opposes a practice made unlawful by the ADA or participates in a proceeding brought under the ADA.
It does not prohibit the physician from practicing in the area, however.
Currently, state law prohibits smoking within 25 feet of playground areas, not including baseball or soccer fields.
If this interpretation is adopted, after due process, it would essentially prohibit all loans while sparing members the financial hardship of renegotiating mortgage of home equity loans made before the interpretation's effective date," Kelley said.
Already most of Los Angeles County's open space laws prohibit bow hunting.
2702, unless the governing instrument prohibits the sale to the grantor or related parties.
Recent FCC rules scheduled to take effect this summer will prohibit sending a fax without prior written permission.
Based on the Code, the LLC documents should prohibit the allocation of more than 35% of the losses to limited entrepreneurs.
The order allows AICPA to prohibit its members from accepting contingent fees for preparing original or amended tax returns or claims for tax refunds.