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In addition, some think prohibiting the use of electronic devices prevents outside influences during debate and voting, preserves decorum, and encourages respect for the legislative institution and its work.
John Baldacci signed a law prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing, credit, public accommodations, and education on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
The Board therefore orders that the attached Orders of Prohibition issued against Respondents prohibiting them from future participation in the affairs of any federally-supervised financial institution, without the approval of the appropriate supervisory agency.
These are the key areas of inquiry in determining whether state laws prohibiting corporate practice or fee-splitting are being violated:
The appeals court found that state prison officials were entitled to qualified immunity on the prisoner's claim that a regulation prohibiting materials by bulk mail was unconstitutional.
The violation of laws or ordinances prohibiting the manufacture, sale, purchase, transportation, possession, concealment, or use of firearms, cutting instruments, explosives, incendiary devices, or other deadly weapons.
Other state courts have indicated that they, too, will read their Blaine amendments as prohibiting aid to religious schools, regardless of whether the aid is given directly by the state or indirectly through parents and students.
Please note that Health Minister Anne McLellan's critique stated that Motion 17 would "prohibit all embryo research and could have the effect of prohibiting abortion in Canada up until the 56th day of a pregnancy.
In [section] 1623, the term "benefit" appears to mean dollars ("amount, duration, and scope"), as if prohibiting state scholarships or fellowships.
The Patient Protection Act allows individuals to sue their health plan while limiting damages and prohibiting the individual from suing the employer, unless the it was directly involved in making a medical decision.