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The commissioner directed police officers to make foolproof security arrangements in and around the project site and no one should be allowed to enter the site without proper identification.
Housing Assistant Undersecretary for Housing Projects, engineer Sami Abdullah Buhaz said the Housing Ministry has stepped up efforts to remove the waste that caused the emission of unpleasant smells during the recent period, and added the remaining waste will be removed within days, pointing to communicating the Supreme Council for Environment in order to obtain a permit to resume replacing the housing project site soil.
During the visit, the investors, along with the Wadhwa team, were taken on several tours to visit the MEDZ project site, the major infrastructure projects near the project site, the Wadhwa Group headquarters and some of the key marquee projects of Wadhwa Group in Mumbai.
A 167-tonne shell kiln was successfully moved to the Gulf Industrial Investment Company project site as part of the operations.
With preparation for its Victor Project site well underway, De Beers is also making extensive use of the winter road, with 2,000 loads of equipment and supplies and 500 loads of fuel expected for the 2007 season.
The total project site is approximately five acres with the footprint of the restaurant comprising 33,600 s/f.
Palmer won in 2004, when another judge required Santa Clarita to prepare an environmental impact report before it could attempt to annex the massive project site.
EPA studies show that the northern area is used by more wildlife owing to its proximity to an existing high value mitigation site which lies east of Mill Creek between the Hackensack River and the project site.
This will compliment the Funds already raised through Equity, Investment Capital and Bridge Loan that will be applied towards execution of Project Site Construction Work Plan and full Project Implementation and Start-up within the overall Project Scope.
Viewing the project site here on Friday, the DCO said that contract of the project was awarded to National Logistics Cell (NLC).
Although the project site is about 30 miles west of AVC's Lancaster campus, it is within the college district's boundaries.
NASDAQ: OESI) announced today that the Third Circuit Court of the State of Hawaii, Judge Kimura presiding, entered an order staying Puna Geothermal Venture ("PGV") from conducting any activities at its geothermal power project site on the island of Hawaii which would emit hydrogen sulfide ("H2S") into the atmosphere, except safety and remedial measures necessary to prevent the release of H2S and safety measures necessary to protect the public.