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the simulator duplicates the behavior of the projectable software following the data which are obtained from the block of data reduction during the specified number of cycles;
1, we prove that for any island of P, there is a path connecting it to a projectable island.
plus arm works well, loose, projectable enough arm for RF, speed and athleticism for CF Aggressive swing with at least average power projection .
Naively, we have designed our programs for the projectable predicates described in our manuals, and not for the non-projectable predicates undermining them.
Contact and adjustments must improve but projecting, feel he will exceed OFP, especially with his strength potential and projectable bat.
Does anyone believe that the response you got would not be projectable against the remaining names, even if you only got 15 responses?
The sample size is too small and the sampling methods too nonrepresentative for focus groups to provide projectable data, even if you're conducting a number of groups.
The various % shares of business by channel are from ACNielsen's Homescan panel of more than 55,000 households selected to be projectable to the entire United States.
More than 1,000 consumers -- 504 men and 505 women -- participated in the nationally projectable survey, which was conducted via phone by the independent firm of Bruskin/Goldring Research.
He's a big, physically projectable kid who people think may blossom into something special," one local pro scout said.
Weights were applied so that the sample of students in grades seven through twelve is projectable to the total student population nationally.
A nationally projectable sample of 880 libraries was selected to accurately represent the distribution of budgets and library types for all U.

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