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Since she was in the most distress, I decided to focus on her, and to treat it as projective identification.
In this section we shall apply the preceding results in order to construct closed differential forms on moduli spaces of principal G-bundles over a smooth projective variety.
4 Every matroid M over R is the direct sum of a full-rank matroid over R and a projective empty matroid.
For given orthogonal projective matrix R [member of ] [C.
Performance on projective testing showed an interdependency between self-concept and surrounding.
Interviews and further projective tests uncovered no evidence of depression, an unusual number of fears, powerful hostilities, repressed sexual wishes or childhood trauma.
The optical system of the microscope was formed of an electron gun, condenser, objective and projective lenses.
The topics include projective space, parameter homotopies, the numerical irreducible decomposition, applications to algebraic geometry, and big polynomial systems arising from different equations.
March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Projective Globe has brought DJ'ing from a solo platform to a social platform with their newly released Phonogram app for iOS device users.
These works can be interpreted both as taking shifts of finite type as a model and subaction projections as a computing process or sofic shifts as a model and projective subdynamics as a process.
a globally leading maker of touch panels, will demonstrate its newest projective capacity touch panels with sizes ranging from 15 inches to 32 inches for open-frame touch monitors at the 2011 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show), slated for Jan.