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The TDP-T40U mobile projector features a lightweight design and is ideal for presenters who demand quality and portability without sacrificing performance.
Midrange models for each type of projector run about $1,500 to $2,000.
The top-of-line LV-Series LV-7265 Multimedia Projector delivers a powerful 2500 ANSI Lumen (the LV-7260 Multimedia Projector provides 2000 ANSI lumens, the LV-X7 Multimedia Projector 1500 ANSI lumens).
The ideal situation for schools would be having a projector in each classroom, so that teachers don't have to share, says Stephen Shenkan, of Shenkan & Assoc.
NEC was the first to produce an award-winning fully automatic projector last year and we've improved upon previous models by reducing the new NP projectors size and weight by 20%," said Keith Yanke, senior product marketing manager, NEC Corporation of America, Visual Systems Division.
The NEC VT595 projector is $899 and available in December 2006.
Canon engineered its new LV-7575 multimedia LCD projector to "light up" almost any sized presentation venue, including concert facilities, college auditoriums and lecture halls, houses of worship, museums, indoor shopping centers, and fixed corporate installations.
Planar's new projector line offers businesses, government and educational institutions a variety of high-quality projection display solutions.
Sharp's high-quality display products and expanded professional projector line provides diverse solutions with unparalleled image quality and long-term reliability to meet any customer need.