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We are meticulous about hiring the very best talent in the market, and then being selective about the projects we take on.
In major undertakings like large-scale telecommunications infrastructure expansions, projects do best when they "offload" as much risk as possible onto potential equipment suppliers and construction parties.
After you follow the advice in Part I to help you get your staff assembled, decide who's doing what, and gather the requirements for the project, you're ready to move on.
Service-learning projects present dietetics students opportunities for personal and professional development, practical application of classroom learning, and increased self confidence.
Refer to basic, proven "rules of thumb," based on conditions of similar type projects and the company's past experience.
Multi-year, sophisticated projects often involve several local collective bargaining agreements.
Individual projects should identify the types and geographical distribution of the construction issue that will be addressed by a project.
The reductions in mill engineering staffs and greater reliance on suppliers to take on mill engineering projects go hand-in-hand, Sorenson observed.
To more effectively manage projects within the filing cabinet, it's essential to categorize these applications or business functions in order to analyze and initiate the correct projects for improvement.
Metro Rail project had become the largest public works project in the United States.
With the passage of legislation to improve service delivery to American Indians with disabilities, new American Indian vocational rehabilitation projects (Section 130) have been developed.