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Sex gags have proliferated because over the years, networks have shaved back the length of the sitcom to make room for more advertising, making subtlety a premium.
The second effort used a construct containing the SV40 large T antigen and produced a similar immortal cell culture (UROtsa) that was easy to use and proliferated on serum-containing growth medium and required no special matrix for medium additions.
Yet it remains true that courses with lesbian and gay content have proliferated on college campuses over the past decade.
Rob Duncanson, an attorney coordinating efforts in China on behalf of the industry, observed that Chinese counterfeit golf clubs have proliferated considerably in the past year, causing confusion and harm to the consumer in the marketplace and injuring the reputations of major American golf club companies.
The most desirable stem cell, a virtual cellular blank slate called CD34+CD38-, proliferated rapidly in a lab dish without converting into a more advanced cell.
facility, and received briefings on infrared missiles and the effective systems that BAE SYSTEMS has developed to counter the small man-portable surface-to-air missiles that have proliferated on battlefields and in terrorist hands.
But the Diplomoceras proliferated near Seymour Island, and the new find shows that some grew quite large.
Serving customers in 13 countries IntelliSense's products have proliferated in the telecommunication, aerospace, semiconductor, and biomedical industries.
To explain such atmospheric alterations, oceanographers suggested that microscopic algae in Antarctic waters proliferated during the ice age, drawing carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and storing it in the deep sea.