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Equation (5) models the effect of HIA on the proliferating and non-proliferating stem cells and mediates a negative feedback such that when the number of P is low, the production of HIA is high.
Proliferating trichilemmal tumor is an uncommon but usually benign lesion, which may be misdiagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma.
On the other hand, normal proliferating cells overcame the imposed G2/M cell-cycle arrest within 12 hours, survived and continued to proliferate.
Repair of DNA damage induced by oxygen radicals in human non-proliferating and proliferating lymphocytes.
E-mail and web copy are proliferating so rapidly and widely that it's difficult to get "viewers" to slow down and read the stuff.
Still, the brain retains stem cells, precursors capable of proliferating into any of the organ's various cell types (SN: 11/7/98, p.
But when MLL is mutated, the differentiation process stalls at an intermediate stage and the immature cells begin proliferating uncontrollably.
Thus, double minute chromosomes seem to increase a tumor cell's chances of surviving and proliferating.
Claiming that adult businesses are wildly proliferating across the city, Los Angeles City Council members proposed tough new limits Friday on their locations and operations.
The North America Wireless Trends report explores the changing landscape of a marketplace where the number of nationwide carriers is consolidating and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) are proliferating.