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Moreover; Russia has also allowed (or encouraged) its citizens to be employed "individually" by would-be proliferators as nuclear and ballistic-missile experts.
A ligand for peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma inhibits cell growth and induces apoptosis in human liver cancer cells.
The great proliferator (nuclear) is appropriate - Clinton's greatest achievement.
Molecular cloning, expression and characterization of human peroxisome proliferator activated receptors g1 and g2.
Khan, the world's worst proliferator and, more recently, a Newsweek contributor.
Treasury Undersecretary Stuart Levey's three-day visit to the Chinese capital from Monday came after Washington unveiled new sanctions against Iran, including the designation of its Revolutionary Guard Corps as a proliferator of weapons.
The product is aimed at peroxisome proliferator activated receptor delta (PPARd) and was developed by DARA BioSciences through Phase 1 trials for the treatment of diabetes and dyslipidemia.
He added that 'this opens the door via technology sold to North Korea years previously by Pakistani proliferator A.
Chen is a serial proliferator of chemical weapons capabilities,'' said a former U.
North Korea has been the world's greatest proliferator of ballistic missile technology,'' Bolton said.
According to DARA BioSciences Inc, DB959 is an oral, highly selective, dual nuclear receptor agonist whose primary target is PPARd (peroxisome proliferator activated receptor delta).