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Once a proliferator crosses key thresholds, the work cannot be rolled back except through a strategic decision to abandon the pursuit of nuclear weapons.
Peroxisome proliferators activated receptor-[gamma], a key component in regulation of growth and progression of mammary cancer, is expressed in normal as well as in malignant mammary epithelial cells and its activation by ligands induces cellular differentiation (16,17).
Most recently, the discovery of Syria's covert nuclear reactor--believed not to be for peaceful purposes--demonstrated that proliferators are capable of pursuing their dangerous objectives even as the world is watching.
Usable nuclear weapons must remain the exclusive preserve of the five old proliferators led by the US.
Since its inception, PSI states have held more than 30 interdiction exercises, shared information to stop proliferation-related shipments, promoted international cooperation and capacity-building to stop transfers of items and materials of WMD proliferation concern, and sent a clear and strong message to proliferators that PSI members are committed to using the full range of diplomatic, economic, law enforcement, and military tools to prevent proliferation consistent with national and international laws.
Responsible countries of the world will not stand aside as proliferators circumvent their international obligations.
deplores that North Korea is the world's leading proliferators of ballistic missiles and related technology.
Non-genotoxic hepatocarcinogenesis in vitro: the FaO hepatoma line responds to peroxisome proliferators and retains the ability to undergo apoptosis.
Had the United States not fallen victim to the fallacy that we can go it alone, primarily through military means, we could have made more progress on addressing the threats from terrorists and proliferators over the last four years.
If he continues to getaway with it, other would be proliferators will take heart and the world will become a far more dangerous place.
attack on Iraq, supposedly because of its weapons of mass destruction, the Bush administration is quietly increasing support to North Korea and China in exchange for token gestures -- despite their being among the largest arms proliferators to unfriendly nations, including Iraq.