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PROLOCUTOR. In the ecclesiastical law, signifies a president or chairman of a convocation.

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H21, the government resources obtained; H22, the political competitive capability and advantage obtained; H23 the improvement of market and financial performance, will be positively affected by the eight types of political strategies, that is, government involvement, direct participation, government association, financial incentive, prolocutor, institution innovation, information consultation, and societal force mobilisation.
James paid tribute to the Christian life and attainments of the distinguished jurist and former prolocutor of the national church, with Archbishop Colin Johnson, metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario and bishop of the diocese of Toronto, presiding.
Prolocutor Harry Huskins, who introduced the resolution, said it was meant to address "uncertainties on how to deal with the report" and to provide a framework on how to take it forward.
Cynthia Haines-Turner, deputy prolocutor, said that ACIP's intent to have self-determining Indigenous ministries within the Anglican Church of Canada is clear.
Deputy prolocutor Cynthia HainesTurner said voting by using clickers has the effect of turning votes into secret ballots, "which is not where we have been or the way we work, so we may need to think about that.
Deputy Prolocutor Cynthia Haines-Turner of the diocese of Western Newfoundland noted that one of the problems for many non-indigenous Anglicans is simply a dearth of knowledge about how indigenous leadership structures work.
The submissions could be in various formats--from written papers to videos--and they would be posted online, said Falby, who is also chancellor of the diocese of Toronto and former prolocutor of General Synod.
Canon Robert Falby, chancellor of the diocese of Toronto and former prolocutor of General Synod, will chair the eight-member commission.
Receiving a report does not imply acceptance of the recommendations, said Archdeacon Harry Huskins, prolocutor of General Synod.
Archdeacon Harry Huskins, deputy prolocutor of General Synod, said using reserves will pave the way for a more humane and orderly transition.
Alban's Cathedral, he served as chancellor of the diocese of Saskatchewan from December 1962 to January 2005, as prolocutor of General Synod from 1980 to 1983 and as vice-chancellor at General Synod from 1986 to 2005.
Archdeacon Harry Huskins, deputy prolocutor, was elected as alternate clergy representative to the Anglican Consultative Council.