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PROLOCUTOR. In the ecclesiastical law, signifies a president or chairman of a convocation.

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Likewise the sole surviving play of the Norwich cycle provides evidence of other innovations; a presenter is added, one whose speeches make clear that the play can be performed as part of a cycle, or on its own; the stage direction before the first prologue specifies 'Yt ys to be notyd that when the Grocers Pageant is played withowte eny other goenge befor yt then doth the Prolocutor say in this wise', (59) while for the second 'Note that yf ther goeth eny other pageants before yt, the Prolocutor sayeth as ys on the other side and leaveth owte this'.
33) I am aware that the presenter who begins the fragmentary The Pride of Life is often referred to as Prolocutor.
Benedict's Monastery in Winnipeg and will ask the primate, the prolocutors of General Synod (Dorothy Davies-Flindall and Archdeacon James Cowan) and other church leaders to attend.