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When, on the following evening, Ruth returned from the stroll on the Promenade which she always took after leaving the
The boys came up on the promenade deck, clustering close to the rail and worshiping Miss Caruthers who had flung them such a wealth of backsheesh.
I've got a beauty on the promenade deck, but they wouldn't promise to keep me by myself.
For a quartermaster had entered the wheelhouse, and even while we had been speaking the pilot had taken possession of the bridge; as we descended, the tender left us with flying handkerchiefs and shrill good-bys; and as we bowed to Miss Werner on the promenade deck, there came a deep, slow throbbing underfoot, and our voyage had begun.
It was after dinner on the promenade deck, and as Raffles spoke he glanced sharply fore and aft, leaving me next moment with a step full of purpose.
She had, however, but a limited supply of cabins on the promenade deck, and there was just that excuse for my sharing Raffles's room.
It was one of those spring days which possesses so much sweetness and beauty, that all Paris turns out into the squares and promenades and celebrates them as though they were Sundays.
However the Tynemouth site is not yet ready, and the water supply at the Promenade base was turned off in May.
One plan explores the option to turn the brick shelters on Northern Promenade into shop units, or to remove the shelters to make way for pod-style outlets similar to ones in Amble.
Promenade Estates chairman and founder of Neptune, Peter Hynd, said: "Promenade Estates is heralding in a new era and we wanted the new name to consolidate the existing projects and point to the direction the company is heading in in the future.
Caernarfon Harbour Promenade Refurbishment Scheme is located on what was once the medieval promenade adjacent to the historic Caernarfon town walls built by Edward I, which is now a Scheduled Ancient Monument within the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
It is extremely disappointing to hear of such behaviour, especially after there has been so much investment in improving the eastern promenade and providing additional facilities for the resort.