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I feel that an opportunity was missed this year to give the internationally recognised Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra, a city twinned with Cardiff, a truly Welsh welcome, as well as recognising our own Welsh National Orchestra's talented presentation of Mahler's Resurrection symphony in the Epic Prom of July 22, and the enthusiastic appreciation of the discerning Welsh promenaders who fill St David's Hall year after year.
But chart-topping group the Bluetones have survived the tides of change and are now commencing the summer of 2002 with a series of gigs dubbed the Bluetones Promenader.
S Donohoe 81 GF 9 (7) 052-44 HAIL PROMENADER (25) A Carson 7 8-13.
Robert Winston, rider of Hail Promenader, was suspended for one day (June 26) for using his whip with excessive frequency.
How else can a Welsh Promenader describe the exhilarating experience of attending this emotionally-filled celebration of some of the world's finest classical and popular music?
05), with Hail Promenader expected to put up a bold show in the Royal Centre Nottingham Handicap (4.
Charlie Hills, assistant to Barry Hills, trainer of Hail Promenader "He won well last time out.
It could have been the second leg of a double for Sullivan, but his attempt to make all on Cono Zur in the 1m handicap was thwarted by Hail Promenader and Robert Winston.
Charlie Hills, assistant to Barry Hills, trainer of Hail Promenader "He's absolutely fine and in good form, but has got a dreadful draw.