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A substantial fila-prom graced the NE limb on Sep 10 accompanied by substantial prominence hearths on the SE limb, one being an arch that was also seen on Sep 12 & 13.
Some scientists suspect that if prominences get too twisted, they become unstable and erupt.
On April 10 a column type prominence reached an approximate height of 140,000km on the SE limb and on April 11 a hedgerow prominence stretched across the SW limb for about 251,000km.
None of the people I've talked to can remember seeing a prominence that has erupted more than about half a solar radius do this before," says Solar Max project scientist Joseph B.
Several limb prominences were seen on the E limb on Mar 25 including two eruptive jets.
On Dec 2 a tall bright ragged arch prominence was seen on the E limb and a distinctive filaprom was on the SE limb.
Two triangular shaped prominences were on the SE limb on Oct 30, with an Eiffel Tower shaped prominence on the SW limb.
Although this group was not particularly notable in white light, a significant feature in H-alpha accompanied its transit of the solar disk (see prominence report).
Two fan type prominences were seen on the NW limb with an 'L' shaped spike between.
A bush type prominence was seen on the E limb on Apr 5 with a small filament extending from it over the limb and onto the disk.
Impressive large multiple arch prominences were also reported on the NE limb estimated at 84,000km in height, on Mar 27 & 28.
Two arch prominences and pillars were on the NW limb on Dec 22.