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The former Welsh Woman of the Year believes the word promiscuous is one which condemns and judges.
To be publicly accused of being diseased ("burnt arse"), irregularly married ("married by parson prick"), pregnant ("in the family way") or promiscuous ("whore") could seriously endanger a women's position in the community.
The promiscuous G-proteins (such as G alpha 15 and G alpha 16) constitute a class of G-proteins that functionally couple to most receptor types.
In "The Promiscuous Puppeteer's" About The Author section, the author reveals for the first time his life as a wretched homeless street teen who went from a jail cell and stealing bread to live, like Les Miserables' Jean Valjean, to becoming one of the heads of two US Federal law enforcement agencies and being awarded the President's Distinguished Senior Executive Of The Year award.
Men's perceptions were also more dependent on their own promiscuity: Promiscuous men favoured less sexually experienced men in just one measure - when they viewed other promiscuous men as a potential threat to steal their own girlfriend.
Her new track, Say It Right, doesn't have the same commercial appeal of Promiscuous, but that just makes it more appealing.
invasion and domination of Mexico and Central America, popular music and travel literature written by Anglos stereotypically cast Latinas as sexually promiscuous, available, or ``hot blooded.
Possible next single Promiscuous is a flirty duet between Nelly and Timbaland, full of witty and suggestive repartee.
Sanctuary persistently and fluently defines the progressive and independent mind of Su, which itself is utterly thought-provoking and keenly produced with diligent and promiscuous tongue.
What's more, plants don't deserve their reputation of being outrageously promiscuous, breeding across species boundaries, because some animals can do so even more freely.
But those at the heart of the problem -- the promiscuous 10% -- are being ignored, doctors warned.