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For sure all the things that suit Israel: An "unwavering", unconditional commitment to supply Israel with more of the weapons that have been so promiscuously used to commit war crimes in Lebanon, Gaza and across the West Bank; acquiescence to continued settlement construction; more sanctions and pressure on Iran an Israel lobby priority ; continued boycott of Hamas, siege of Gaza and support for the West Bank police state; calls on the Arab states to normalize ties with Israel; and of course putting Israel's desire to remain a racist ethnocracy before the universal rights of human beings.
Too often we do throw around charges of bigotry promiscuously.
Of come, adults have a need for love and belongingness, to paraphrase psychologist Abraham Maslow, but we are supposed to be informed in our seeking, not promiscuously scampering about looking for a pat on the head from anyone and everyone as if we were beagle puppies.
Blase parents, especially fathers, needed asking whether they'd be happy if their son saw women as sexual commodities, promiscuously used other people's daughters, sisters, wives and mothers, found satisfaction and pleasure in being sexually aggressive, callous and abusive and believed women enjoyed pain and humiliation.
The author quotes the complaint of an admiral: "So many banners and colors are promiscuously used at sea, to disguise themselves and entrap others [that it is not possible] to know which ships are piratical or not.
Although Tehran is situated on a large number of tectonic fault lines, it's the belief of Hojjat ol-eslam kazem Sediqi, the acting Friday prayer leader in Tehran, that women who dress provocatively and behave promiscuously are to blame for Iran's earthquakes, which have caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people over the past ten years.
The Rebel dead, almost without exception, are buried promiscuously in single graves or trenches, where they lie unwept and unhonored," wrote an unidentified visitor in July 1863.
The Second Bank was created in 1816, and Merry says "it immediately slipped into corruption as its first president, William Jones, promiscuously violated terms of the charter, speculated in the bank's stock, and exploited the venal practices of the bank's branch members.
I guess the idea is to convert new customers, but I can't be the only one acting promiscuously.
His passions are for racing, baseball and Formula One - but he is only promiscuously involved with those.
The reality that some deracinated Jews fall into this category is sad enough; the term should not be bandied about promiscuously or turned into a political weapon.
When laid up promiscuously, especially if the surface is large, and care is taken to avoid patches of any one colour, the general tone suggests that of a very old oriental rug and the differing colour values of the individual bricks, however sharply these may seem to contrast at close view, are taken up and harmonized in the prevailing general tone.