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How employees persuasively frame their upward influence has been shown to impact performance ratings (Kipnis and Vanderveer, 1971), organizational influence (Floyd and Wooldridge, 1997), promotability (Thacker and Wayne, 1995),job effectiveness (Yukl and Tracey, 1992), and supervisor's liking of the employee (Wayne and Ferris, 1990).
One, it addresses promotability in the context of assessment center ratings.
Based on the proposition that challenging job experiences may result in the development of a wide range of skills, abilities, insights, and knowledge, which increase individuals' capacities for effective managerial action, another study investigated how work experience influences one's promotability (De Pater et al.
We can quickly map values for global locations, assess our talent pool, identify promotability, and provide executives with detailed analytics and the valuable data that they are looking for.
Although multiple factors exist," Azzarello insists, "it's primarily what we choose to do on purpose in our career that affects our promotability the most.
Specifically, Afrocentric phenotype bias is explored to gain a better understand of how within-category, feature-based differences influence promotability evaluations.
Having a mentor positively influences compensation (Whitely, Dougherty & Dreher, 1991; Whitely & Coetsier, 1993); promotability (Wayne et al.
Promotability of host-country nationals: A cross-cultural study.
is based not only on the really new benefit, but also the significance of that benefit, along with packaging, promotability and price/value relationship.
Cordero, Farris, and DiTomaso (2004) report a positive relationship between the people skills of supervisors and the innovativeness, usefulness, promotability, and job satisfaction of subordinates.
In the Hernandez review, employers expressed concerns with the work-related skills, productivity, supervision demands, and promotability of individuals with disabilities (Johnson, Greenwood, & Schriner, 1988; McFarlin, Song, & Sonntag, 1991; Roessler & Sumner, 1997).
In turn, these perceptions were related to issues of development and promotability to line management and executive management positions (Hoobler, et al, 2009).