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He said exports represent about 10 percent of the company's $50 million in sales of promotionally priced bedroom furniture, international markets include Mexico, Asia, Canada, the Middle East, Russia and South America.
Moving production off-shore will result in such cost savings that prices will be reduced on the high-end contemporary George Kovacs Lighting line, while the moderate to promotionally priced Simply Kovacs line will be made available to a much wider distribution, executives said.
However, the Disney-owned art distributor's promotionally overkilled entry, "Il Postino," was justly ignored in the major categories, winning only a consolation music prize.
While some retailers will continue to price promotionally to attract traffic, the everyday low pricing concept clearly is here to stay in the 1990s.
The new Xeon 3360, originally $199, is now promotionally priced at $169, a savings of $30 per month.
These products will be promotionally priced to retail for $99 and less.
Toothpaste has been very promotionally driven and only "genuine" category innovation would drive value, he added.
That result has thrown the whole division wide open and Matthew's a free agent promotionally now, he has no ties to anyone so he's ready, wiling and able to take on the big fights now.
Flash-based overlay service, Impulse, instantly enhances the viewer experience for broadcast stations and cable programmers with a unique overlay application designed for promotionally driven, interactive television
Chairman Bill Savage said: "Cardiff and Co will bring together the best of Cardiff's business, activities and agencies to enable the capital to really punch its weight promotionally.
stepping up from its promotionally oriented Value City chain, has opened the first American Signature Home store in the Cool Springs Galleria just south of here.
Pilliod produces promotionally priced bedroom and occasional furniture.

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