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I]f [the corporate founders'] object is merely private or selfish; if it is detrimental to, or not promotive of, the public good, they have no adequate claim upon the legislature for the privileges.
Protective or promotive factors that ameliorate the negative influences of risk factors or directly reduce the likelihood of alcohol use among young people also exist in all areas of people's lives.
Scholars argue that living in impoverished, segregated neighborhoods, like urban public housing, can have a simultaneous inhibitive and promotive effect on adolescents development (Garcia Coll et al.
The large numbers of children this category of doctors come across in their daily clinical work confers on them great potential for child psychiatric care--curative, preventive and promotive.
Accordingly, much work has focused on the risk and promotive factors for adolescent alcohol use (Hawkins, Catalano & Miller, 1992).
The move from curative to preventive and promotive health care is strengthening and the emphasis is now on improving the quality of life.
The roles of diesel exhaust particle extracts and the promotive effects of N02 and/ or [SO.
The Alma Ata Declaration in 1978 on Primary Health Care (PHC) created a new vision for providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services for the main health problems in the community.
PPHI has constituted 980 community support groups at BHU levels and have facilitated their access to preventive and promotive healthcare programs.
Restrictive versus promotive control and employee work outcomes: The moderating role of locus of control.
A paradigm shift from custodial care to community care has occurred due to (i) Advances in medical technology in assessment and treatment of mental disorders; (ii) the human rights movement; (iii) World Health Organization's (WHO) definition of 'health' (4); and (iv) Promotive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative approaches and mitigation of disability.
Focusing on this much-ignored societal aspect, a comprehensive adolescent health care programme has been in operation which focuses on creating a favorable environment in the community and providing confidential access to need based promotive, preventive, curative and counseling services.