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These prompters are no more than strategically placed physician order entry sets (Table 2).
Placement of prompters while patients are still in the hospital can augment uniform documentation during stay, and act as standardized order sets at admission/discharge.
Trends include ear prompters, faux families, retro sports, cultural Renaissance, storytelling, micro housing developments, envirohats, vitaMEns, anniversoirees and sAGE power.
Autocue is proud to have led the transition from paper prompters to PC-driven prompters, which has changed the way news presenters reach their audience and the management of information in major newsrooms worldwide.
The first prompters, consisting of a synchronized electric paper roller with one-inch jumbo type, used a mirror and a piece of semi-reflective glass to focus the image of the moving text over the lens of the camera into the presenter's eye-line.
Featured at NAB 2005 will be the award-winning QScript scripting software that allows users to add annotations to the prompt output, restoring to anchors a tool which many found very useful in the days of paper prompters.
For almost 50 years, QTV has been the worldwide leader in the design and supply of prompter systems for studio, newsroom, and field productions.
But two weeks later, without a prompter, he made an impassioned push for his stimulus plan at a retreat held by congressional Democrats.
6" LCD screen that mirrors any prompter software run from a laptop.