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The Prompting provides chaplain services to professional NBA and NFL teams along with select corporations.
The purpose of Experiment 2 was to evaluate the collateral effect of prompting related to reinforcement rate.
Third, limited measurement of maintenance and generalization of children's pretense behaviors occurred in sessions without adult prompting.
There were two different sets of training materials; one set of materials for each prompting strategy, LTM and MTL or MTLD.
A second implication of improved notetaking concerns the usefulness of student notes in prompting application of material.
The results are presented as odds ratios with 95% confidence intervals for the effects of prompting on recall, and Wald statistics with significance levels for the interactions between prompting and gender, age and education.
All awareness measurement involves some form of prompting, e.
It might alter the production of inflammatory chemicals that control microglia, prompting them to do a better job of clearing amyloid.
In the only instance in which appropriate testing was ordered without prompting by the patient or the health department, the physician had watched a television report on cyclosporiasis that morning.
Then, in August and September, the capital markets fell apart, prompting fears that the downturn would also be reflected in the real estate markets, with lower demands lot housing and office space and fewer service providers needing quarters.
By avoiding specific prompting, the respondent will share with the interviewer the most important influence on attitude.
Patient anxiety and inconvenience, medical costs, and clinician time may be minimized by prompting women to perform BSE at the correct time during the menstrual cycle.