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PROMULGATION. The order given to cause a law to be executed, and to make it public it differs from publication. (q.v.) 1 Bl. Com. 45; Stat. 6 H. VI., c. 4.
     2. With regard to trade, unless previous notice can be brought home to the party charged with violating their provisions, laws are to be considered as beginning to operate in the respective collection districts only from the time they are received from the proper department by the collector. Paine's C. C. R. 32. See Paine's C. C. R. 2 3.

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President Cavara also signed the Order on Promulgation of the Decision on Approval of the Financial Plan of the Federal Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance for 2018 and the Decision on Execution of the Financial Plan of the Federal Institute for Pension and Disability Insurance for 2018.
We promulgated constitution from the Constituent Assembly and after its promulgation the elongate political instability, the fight for the rights has came to the point of conclusion.
Currently the Fund is working on a process to ensure that the amended provisions are free of errors and are aligned with the Funds business processes before promulgation to avoid unintended consequences.
Filemon Ray Javier, would be out of town on the original date of promulgation.
The order shall be effective the day after its promulgation in the Official Gazette.
Applications for participation in the procedure will be accepted by 17:00 o'clock on the 140th day after the official promulgation.
The Parliament's 60th session has began, under chairmanship of Parliament Speaker, Usama al-Nujeify, and attendance of 206 MPs, to invite the Foreign and Finance Ministers, along with the Governor of the Central Bank, regarding the promulgation of the Agreement on the Settlement of Financial Demands between Iraq and the United States," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
If the sentence is, or includes, forfeiture of seniority of rank, or reduction to a lower grade or to the ranks, instructions shall, at the same time, be given that the accused shall not , unless the exigencies of the service demand it, be given any duty whatsoever until after the promulgation of the proceedings; and in such case the accused may, in the interest of the discipline, be placed under open arrest.
It will take effect nine months from the date of its promulgation.
We Catholics should steer clear of practising the promulgation of atrocity stories; particularly those originating within the fog and passions of an extraordinarily savage war, on all sides.
A former county jail detainee filed an action against a former county sheriff, alleging violations of her constitutional rights arising out of the sheriff's promulgation of a set of detainee rules for the county jail.
Plans for data and/or reagent sharing and promulgation of results will be integral to the applications.