pronounce judgment

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The University court send for the student, listen to the evidence, and pronounce judgment.
They epitomize the experience of their fellow-mortal, and pronounce judgment on him in neat syntax, and feel themselves wise and virtuous--conquerors over the temptations they define in well- selected predicates.
and when you pronounce judgment between the people, give the decision with fairness.
ME[pounds sterling]NyH (CyHAN)- A district court in Munich is about to pronounce judgment here later on Tuesday, as Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone offered 100 million dollar to end his bribery trial in Germany.
The court will pronounce judgment in judges bias case on next hearing.
T HE senior lawyer contended that the BCCI drew largely from the Delhi Police's probe findings and that it acted in haste; it should have waited for the Delhi sessions court hearing the matter to pronounce judgment.
While O'Gorman makes it clear that his book is not a study on the ethics of security strategy, in each chapter (and, particularly, in the conclusion), he does pronounce judgment on each of the four worldviews and calls for more ethical considerations of American grand strategy and the worldviews of foreign policy.
Amos responds by mocking Amaziah, saying that he cannot be fired since he does not work for the king; he is a normal person, a sheepherder and a vinedresser, called by God to pronounce judgment upon Israel.
For this reason, the author cannot pronounce judgment on the relevance and quality of the methods used during the exploration campaigns of previous years by the Russian and Algerian teams.
We have to wait for the ripple-effect to begin before we can pronounce judgment.
He continued: "My hope is that the CAS panel will review my case on the basis of the facts and the science, and to approach my appeal from the principle that the anti-doping authorities must uphold the highest levels of appropriate process, technical skill, science and professional standards to pronounce judgment on matters that hold an athlete's career, accomplishments and livelihood in the balance.
It would be wise to wait for the results before we pronounce judgment.