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Last year, regardless of the modest increase, the Bulgarian economy registered a pronouncedly positive economic growth and it outpaced Europe's average growth.
Today "The Dream of the Rood" might be read, as I read it here, not only as a record of this pronouncedly human history, but also as a record of a history that is both human and environmental, especially so because in the poem, the cross (the Rood) is acknowledged as something that once was a tree.
Despite the fact that Farinati presents Matilda "astride like a man," the painter avoided alerting the viewer to her military actions that would have been grasped even more pronouncedly as an incursion into the issue of cross-gender.
2) Estok's main contribution to Shakespeare ecocriticism is that he is more openly and pronouncedly critical of the plays and other writings attributed to Shakespeare, or less diffident
2b); milky-white patches at the base of last pectoral-fin ray and on the inner posterior margin of skin flap connecting maxillary barbel; basal portion of first ray and last ray of the pelvic-fin pale yellow, distal portion of adipose-fin pale yellow, more pronouncedly at anterior portion and posterior end of adipose-fin, dorsal and ventral margin of caudal fin yellowish and distal tip of pair fins yellowish with reddish patches in pectoral fin.
A close inspection shows that changes in each casino stock returns are influenced positively and more pronouncedly by changes in the overall US stock market returns than by those in US unemployment rates with two exceptions.
Both women and men increased peak swimming speed for the annual ten fastest swimmers, but men more pronouncedly than women (Table 3).
The COX-2 expression was almost undetectable in parental BEAS-2B cells, but it was pronouncedly expressed after chronic arsenic exposure.
Monterey and Portola were different when produced in soil and substrate systems; those produced in substrate had a pronouncedly sweeter flavor than an acidic sensation.
This can be attributed to different factors such as unavailability of food, space and other resources that can affect the specialist species more pronouncedly than the generalist species.
The first half of 2012 had, however, seen a pronouncedly negative earnings trend.