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16), we can see at the first sight that the interfacial flow situation including the instability and encapsulation of the incompatible PMMA/PE bilayer system is pronouncedly distinguished from those of compatible counterparts.
Rats given FFD (50 mg/kg) pronouncedly decreased spleen index (p<0.
2b); milky-white patches at the base of last pectoral-fin ray and on the inner posterior margin of skin flap connecting maxillary barbel; basal portion of first ray and last ray of the pelvic-fin pale yellow, distal portion of adipose-fin pale yellow, more pronouncedly at anterior portion and posterior end of adipose-fin, dorsal and ventral margin of caudal fin yellowish and distal tip of pair fins yellowish with reddish patches in pectoral fin.
A close inspection shows that changes in each casino stock returns are influenced positively and more pronouncedly by changes in the overall US stock market returns than by those in US unemployment rates with two exceptions.
The COX-2 expression was almost undetectable in parental BEAS-2B cells, but it was pronouncedly expressed after chronic arsenic exposure.
The first half of 2012 had, however, seen a pronouncedly negative earnings trend.
The explanatory scheme that is typical of sociologists, and characterizes Gellner's books so pronouncedly, tends to present this process in the light of historical necessity, particularly because it seeks the origins of the nation and nation-state in impersonal effect mechanisms (modernization, industrialization, spreading of standardized high culture, etc.
They find, first, that this distribution is quite skewed to the left, pronouncedly more than in, for example, Denmark or the United States.
In Slovenian the European fairy tale tradition was most pronouncedly transformed by Svetlana Makarovic in her work Svetlanine pravljice (2008) (Svetlana's Fairytales).
It is bilaterally symmetrical and more or less oblate in polar view; it is biconvex and subisopolar, with one pronouncedly convex pole and one more flattened pole in equatorial view.
It has also been demonstrated that the mound-breakings were very similar, pronouncedly negative in their symbolic language, carried out in a demonstrative manner and with the acquiescence of the ruling power at the time.
The finale of the Quartet in D minor bears a number of traits typical of Dvorak's late, in comparison with his earlier string quartets opulent in sonic terms and in thematic terms pronouncedly expressive, Quartet in G major: sharper accents (Op.