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Saying "let's think about this" subtly puts the onus on pronouncing posturers to defend their assertions and provides an opening for others to question them.
Correctly pronouncing Iraq or Iran, or any other country for that matter, is important also because of contrasting effort we put into pronouncing European names.
It says the key to pronouncing Harry Potter author JK Rowling's name is to pronounce "row" as in rowing a boat and not as in having a row.
Most of Samuel's descendants have insisted on pronouncing it Peppis and not Peeps, as the Encyclopedia Britannica would have us believe.
To guide pupils in pronouncing a new word correctly, the writers of the book should use phonetic spelling, placed in parenthesis, for selected irregularly spelled words in context.
The problem is the same in each case: The speakers are pronouncing syllables that aren't there.
Perhaps Scott or Ieuan Evans could have a quiet word with their fellow commentators and ask them to just do a little homework when it comes to pronouncing the Celtic names correctly?
Only letters of the alphabet are to be entered in this puzzle and pronouncing their names given the defined words, some of which are self-contained, while others are bulging.
Since when did we in Britain give a damn about pronouncing things the way they're spelt?
The campaign, created by Zuckerman Fernandes & Partners, a San Francisco-based agency, is designed to build awareness and name recognition by humorously playing on the difficulty consumers seem to have in pronouncing the California winery's French name.
Those with a taste for bubbly were also left tongue-tied with almost half pronouncing the champagne variety Moaet & Chandon as 'Mo-ay ette Chan-don' rather than the harder-sounding 'Mo-ette ay Shon-don'.
The FT/S&P Actuaries World Indices Policy Committee announces that following the announcement by the Bank of Japan pronouncing the temporary nationalization of LTCB, and the subsequent announcement by The Tokyo Stock Exchange pronouncing the delisting of LTCB with effect from Saturday 24 October 1998, LTCB will be removed from the FT/S&P Actuaries World Index with effect from 26 October 1998.