proof of facts

See: evidence
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Currently five treatises are available on ResultsPlus -- American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts, American Jurisprudence Trials, Norton Bankruptcy Law and Practice 2d, Immigration Law Service and Employment Coordinator -- and 15 more will be added in April.
Fraudulent inducement is an independent tort in that it requires proof of facts separate and distinct from the breach of contract.
It also carries full text of all related articles from "Am Jur Proof of Facts," "Am Jur Trials" and "ALR Annotations.
Submitted to the proof of facts," as found in the archives, such "a priori" images lose their power as predictors of female behavior.
American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts - Written by judges, attorneys and experts in the technical, scientific and medical fields, this treatise offers advice on how to determine essential facts and prove them in civil litigation and selected criminal cases.
Links allow users to jump between the text and cited full-text articles contained on the disc from sources like "Am Jur Proof of Facts," "Am Jar Trials" and "Am Jur Pleadings & Practice Forms.
The initial conviction for traffic offenses required proof of facts (intoxication and crossing the median) not required for vehicular homicide, and the homicide charge required proof of a fact (death of the victim) not required for the traffic offenses.