proof of identity

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The Central Bank of the UAE has given December 31, 2014 deadline to banks and financial institutions to make sure that all customers' records include their respective UAE ID cards as an official proof of identity.
The Aadhaar card will be used as proof of identity for banking transactions according to the central bank's deputy governor, HR Khan.
Partner Richard Johnson revealed that when Singh had taken out the lease he had produced a Spanish passport as proof of identity.
For Tatkal tickets, the original proof of identity as indicated on the ticket.
The dealers will have to collect the copy of the proof of identity and photo of the customer and submit it in the police station.
Among the measures it recommended was a review of the case for requiring proof of identity for voters casting their vote at polling stations.
ORDER OF THE DAY: Proof of identity can be required to buy cigarettes
They are probably not much use as travel documents, but for proof of identity a lot of the banks will take them.
The Financial Services Consumer Panel said banks and building societies were failing to offer people the new-style accounts, while others were being too strict in demanding proof of identity.
They should request proof of identity if they are in any doubt whatsover about who they are speaking to.
It is a little known fact that every player in the squad for a Champions' League tie must bring some sort of proof of identity - whether it be a passport or a bus pass.
If you doubt the identity of someone claiming to represent Peoples Gas, contact your local Peoples Gas office for proof of identity.