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Also hit by the ruling, Yamileth Gonzalez, rector of the UCR, was accused of propagandizing against CAFTA for funding a study titled, CAFTA's Constitutional Conflicts.
His well-received early claim of immunity for literary language as a thing apart erodes on evidence of his failure to complete the novel, his political connivance in propagandizing for the project, a guilt reflected--playfully and seriously--by Jouet's complicity in his completed Montagne Roman.
Against the propagandizing philosophes, Rousseau accepts that theoretical truths may conflict with the practical good of the community.
Tran Thi Hien, speaking on behalf of the 13,000-member Vietnam Journalists Association, described the role of the press in Vietnam as actively propagandizing and helping to popularize party and government decisions and policies.
I personally do not and, unfortunately, now cannot enjoy her vast vocal, acting, and directorial talents without being reminded of this constant propagandizing.
Both Lenin and Stalin thought that motion pictures were the most effective means of propagandizing the world and enthusiastically supported movie efforts at home and abroad.
For the most part, he ascribes the changes in the welfare state to a political triumph of conservative ideology, achieved through energetic, imaginative, well-funded organizing and propagandizing.
I'd thought about subscribing to E Magazine, but find that I cannot, in good conscience, fund this sort of propagandizing.
The news media are major participants in this propagandizing.
This basically chronological study thoroughly analyzes the political maneuvering and propagandizing that marked Tennessee's first party system from its birth in the late 1830s to its demise after the 1860 election.
When we go to the mall before Christmas and buy a Barbie doll, or wear a Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt, or put a political bumper sticker on our car, or any of innumerable daily actions, we have become part of the process of social propagandizing.
Compounding Medved's first deadly sin - ceaseless propagandizing in place of analysis - is his utter ineptitude as a writer.