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1] propagated counter to the directon of vortex dipole translation.
They agreed to exempt the following from CITES permitting requirements: seeds; pollinia (the encapsulated pollen of orchids); tissue cultures and flasked seedlings; cut flowers of artificially propagated plants; and, for Vanilla species, fruits, parts, and derivatives from artificially propagated plants.
Gay and lesbian people have mysteriously propagated for thousands of years without benefit of hand-me-down DNA.
In Hawaii, a man named Keith Robinson, who has one of the most successful records in that state for saving endangered plants, has halted major efforts to save rare plants and is allowing many of the species he propagated to die of neglect because of government interference and the likelihood of attacks by so-called environmentalists wielding provisions of the Endangered Species Act.
Instead, the researchers argue, seismic shock waves from the Shoemaker impact propagated straight through the asteroid, shaking the craters into formless rubble.
He says growing Canada yew should be no more expensive than most other crops in a regular plantation, the main expense being getting the plants propagated to eventually produce a plant in the $2 to $3 range.
50]) of Vero E6 propagated Urbani SARS-CoV per bird in a volume of 0.
Start with some of your favorite garden flowers: echinacea, which I value as a medicinal herb, can easily be propagated from the dried seed-heads, clearly visible ms a black, spiny crown on the dried flower stalk.
50 trees propagated from the 1,500-year-old ornamental tree known as "Usuzumi Zakura," a National Natural Treasure of Japan.
The omnipotent totalitarian state was a myth propagated by the Nazi regime and, argue Mallmann and Paul, reproduced by a generation of postwar historians who sought to explain why Germans failed to oppose Nazis.
In addition, we've seen this same branded content voluntarily propagated to multiple media posting websites and social networks," said Nichole Goodyear, Co-founder and Vice President of Technology.
Polka dot plants are easily propagated from shoot tip cuttings.