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2004); 3) Preliminary results of the genetic improvement program of spotted gum are promising with seedlings having vegetative propagative capacity, frost tolerance and Ramularia shoot blight resistance (Lee, 2005); 4) The timber is preferred for its durability, hardness and pale colour (Huth et al.
However, autopsies, sometimes performed to ascertain the cause of death, or a caesarean section, conducted after the mother was deceased, provided information about women's propagative anatomy.
This hydrophilic species grows rapidly, producing great number of flowers and fruits, and has a fertility period of over six months; it is also capable of vegetative reproduction forming propagative roots, thus being able to endure conditions of limited water supply (Neiff et al.
We also assume that a source is placed deep enough inside the regular domain, so that only the propagative modes can be considered on the boundary.
Ordinary sexual intercourse," he wrote, "in which the amative and propagative functions are confounded is a momentary affair, terminating in exhaustion and disgust.
Through her rejection of sex, Dorinda is able to embrace the masculinity of her great-grandfather's Calvinist character and therefore to repeat his economic and propagative successes.
It looks at floriculture--the growing of garden plants, vegetables, cut flowers, and potted flowering plants and of seedlings, cuttings, and other propagative floriculture materials.
These results could also be obtained by stimulating with different stimuli such as electric fields, magnetic fields, propagative electromagnetic fields, and white light passed through Kodak-Wratten filters 44A (adrenergic) and 25 (cholinergic).
For the transfer of coffee-growing technology, the project has developed a training system that is participative and propagative, using instruction sessions, radio programs and bulletins written in simple language and with illustrations.