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The department has implemented this programme in co-operation and co-ordination with RAF that provided male and female propagators for raising Islamic culture and awareness among male and female detainees.
2 For anyone who wants to start growing plants, a propagator will be a welcome boon.
TRADING standards officers are warning owners of a heated plant propagator to stop using them after the discovery of a fault.
Garden centres, mail order and online retailers offer heated propagators of different sizes.
Cheaper propagators tend to have one or two settings, such as cool and warm, irrespective of indoor temperatures, which means that the propagators have to be monitored more carefully to ensure temperatures inside them don't become too high.
Propagators come in a variety of sizes and styles starting from your basic beginner kit through to a deluxe heated propagator.
Things such as staging, propagators, watering systems and automatic vent openers, plus blinds, heaters and insulation will also rack up the costs.
You can also buy heated propagators and soil-warming cables if you only want to heat the seeds you are sowing.
A Electric propagators give a consistent heat of 18-20C, which is ideal for difficult-to-germinate plants such as begonia, geraniums or impatiens.
Propagators of the MAP naturally discount such health risks.
which specifies the propagators of electromagnetic, Z-, [W.
Her "cruel and malevolent" enemies include not only the propagators of historical harms to her community but also art's silent complicity with those harms.