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These results suggest the five-item GRP relates to openness, ambiguity tolerance, and financial risk propensities reasonably well.
Approximately 75% of women in the sample have low and low-to-medium propensities toward a high school pregnancy according to the propensity model without controls for expectations, and almost 85% of the women fall into the low and low-to-medium categories according to the propensity model with controls for expectations.
Chapter 2 considers his account of objectivity in science, and Chapter 3 his treatment of objective propensities in natural philosophy.
Educators should be aware that students with either extremely high or low propensities to trust may encounter difficulties during their team experiences since students with high dispositions to trust may lack a healthy skepticism while those with low dispositions to trust may make team development difficult, slow, or impossible.
Sitkin and Pablo (1992) conclude that decision-makers' risk behavior will be consistent with their risk propensities, and the higher the level of perceived risk, the stronger the association between the two factors.
The district court held that the administrators pleaded sufficient facts to state a claim against the county probation office and probation officers through the state-created danger exception, in their [section] 1983 action under the Fourteenth Amendment, by alleging that the defendants knew that the parolee had violent propensities towards women and that he was romantically involved with a woman whom he later murdered.
001 Table 3 Comparisons of Effectiveness of Modalities, Defined as Abstinence or Reduction in Use and Stratified According to the Propensities of Receiving Treatment in One Modality versus Another Propensity Score Strata N in Modalities (a) Inpatient (INP) versus Outpatient Drug-free (OP) 1 Propensity: [down arrow] INP [N.
As consumers become more aware that we can look at their propensities for inheritable diseases and conditions," said Mr.
NIST staff purchased conventional and modified cigarettes from the market and measured the relative ignition propensities of the two cigarette types using laboratory procedures developed by NIST under the Fire Safe Cigarette Act of 1990 and now being considered as an industry standard by the American Society of Testing and Materials.
What are you doing to help identify campers with propensities toward violent behavior at your camp this summer?
Moreover, the investigators found that the diet-induced UCP2 activity varies among strains of mice with different propensities toward obesity.