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And it's not just humans who have a propensity for contagious yawning -- chimpanzees and dogs do it too.
Propensity ratios can shed light on differences in the composition or distribution of types of cases for groups sorted by demographic and case-characteristic categories.
Randomized control trials are far more superior to propensity models in terms of design and ethics, though few variables are available for analysis, unknown variables are not strongly correlated with measured variables and selection bias not completely eliminated leading to limitations yet propensity scores are more widely applicable than randomized trials.
The interaction was no longer statistically significant after correction for confounders or propensity score or multiple testing, and the interaction was not seen in GISSI-HF (Table 5).
Study 1 examines the propensity to consume of high (and low) anticonsumption individuals after death is made salient.
Although not expected by Fitch, should any evidence emerge of a reduced propensity on the part of either shareholder to make that support available, the ratings could also be adversely affected.
Growth in the propensity for both male- and female-owned firms is higher in counties with a large share of males and females with bachelor's degrees, respectively, but the effect is much stronger for men.
Propensity scores are useful when estimating a treatment's effect on an outcome using observational data and when selection bias due to nonrandom treatment assignment is likely.
As the agricultural revolution was initiated, it was laid on top of this dominance/submission propensity.
While some IgG clones had very low RB-inducing propensity and resulted in high level protein secretion, biosynthetically challenging IgG clones exhibited higher propensity to induce RBs and typically resulted in low secretion output.
He discusses and illustrates how data from experimental and quasi-experimental designs are analyzed, and how propensity scores are used to address their problems and improve inferences with such data.
Nigeria Power Market Outlook to 2030: Business Propensity Indicator (BPI), Market Trends, Regulations and Competitive Landscape