proper behavior

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Synopsis: "How to Be: Six Simple Rules for Being the Best Kid You Can Be" is the first collection of abridged versions of Munro Leaf's most popular children's guides to proper behavior.
Management of lithium battery charge and discharge imposes multiples protections in order to insure a proper behavior during all possible scenarios and to ensure safety, even during abusive conditions.
At a time when younger men and boys face uncertainty about proper behavior toward women, this can show them how valuable their perception as men of good character can be.
treats -- and you will train them to repeat proper behavior.
They do not care whether their behavior is legal, ethical or consonant with universal standards of proper behavior.
There are situations in which kids can be active and have fun, but church is a solemn place where children should be taught proper behavior.
Decree Law 23/2013 amending some provisions of Decree Law 17/1976 on juveniles aiming to ensure children's child protection through making their guardians responsible for monitoring their proper behavior and good conduct on an ongoing basis.
One of the most important factors of a child having recreational therapy added to their daily routine is that it provides qualified mentors who are capable of modeling proper behavior that these children need to learn.
Despite all of this, nothing is being done to train citizens and future business leaders concerning the simple task of proper behavior.
Rather, it is rooted in ancient tribal customs whereby the honor of a family or a whole village is represented by the morality, chastity and proper behavior of its women.
He said the rules are aimed at improving and encouraging proper behavior, and providing school officials with clear measures for dealing with erring students.
She examines the ways that church membership and reading were often overlapping activities for postbellum-period girls, the community functions of women's antebellum benevolence organizations, the backlash against women speaking or preaching in church, and the emergence of postbellum organizations that gave women a voice in moral and political issues like temperance and abolition, as well as girls' reading habits, the conflicts between educational and novel reading, and parents' worries and desires to use reading to ensure proper behavior.