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Well, if we're going to talk about proper names, my name is Woodwalk Ill, otherwise known as Maxwell Edwards.
Proper names and their referents are typically distinct: for the purpose of recollecting a proper name, initiation must be transmitted by an individual relationship from a token marker to a proper name phrase node.
The translation of proper names is one of the most challenging activities, which becomes more complicated in children's literature, as proper names usually have polysemous nature indicating sex, age, geographical belonging, history, specific meaning, playfulness of language and cultural connotations.
Identification means that the interpreter has met with a proper name recurrently and in varying contexts.
The enseignes are loci of semantic instability in the Lais, opportunities for Villon to stage a dazzling interplay of signs and sign, of proper name and common noun, of word and image.
6:4--a devout Jew will substitute the word adonai, "Lord," for "Yahweh," out of reverence for the proper name of God).
ONE thing I will give Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg a smidgen of credit for: going back to a proper name for the department for education, namely the Department For Education.
2 What is the proper name for the card used to cut the deck and place on the bottom of it when a dealer is dealing?
Well maybe she can answer this cliche: "How come every slappable, nouveau riche, plastic, celebrity fan who can't even call football it's proper name, wears a blue replica shirt with Samsung on?
Their excuse for this further book is that it uses the proper name problems only to illustrate their theory of meta-linguistic beliefs.
I am glad that most of the signposts on roads around the area still point to Teesside Airport, which to most people is its proper name, despite what the developers think.
2 : a familiar form of a proper name <"Bill" and "Willie" are nicknames for "William.