proper occasion

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To extend its power further, in EXCLUSION of the authority of the Union, would be to take the resources of the community out of those hands which stood in need of them for the public welfare, in order to put them into other hands which could have no just or proper occasion for them.
Of course, I know that, as a rule, sensible men fall in love with the most sensible women of their acquaintance, see through all the pretty deceits of coquettish beauty, never imagine themselves loved when they are not loved, cease loving on all proper occasions, and marry the woman most fitted for them in every respect--indeed, so as to compel the approbation of all the maiden ladies in their neighbourhood.
They give a loose to their feelings on proper occasions.
The impressions with which I first undertook the arduous trust were explained on the proper occasion.
As outlined by the court, the elements of a qualified privilege are good faith, an interest to be upheld, a statement limited in its scope to this purpose, a proper occasion, and publication in a proper manner and to proper parties only.
Praising him on the proper occasion does not mean sucking up to him.
The Fourth of July is not the proper occasion to promote gay rights.
When the Indian Foreign Minister comes here soon, that will be the proper occasion to direct his attention towards the incidents occurring in Srinagar and the (Kashmir) valley," Kashmir is never off the table
upon a proper occasion, with a proper motive, and .
4 : suitable for a proper occasion <formal attire>
Our nation did not hesitate to grant us a proper occasion.
We want to see more good aggressive cricket from both sides, which will make it a proper occasion and send off for Stephen Fleming.

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