proper title

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References in classic literature ?
But there was a feeling that "John Hatcher" or "Hatcher's John" was not the proper title by which to denote a freeman; and so in many cases "John Hatcher" was changed to "John S.
You are not so new that you can't give a gentleman his proper title.
THE interest shown by Sheffield Wednesday and Middlesbrough fans in their ties against Arsenal and Manchester United shows there is still life in the League, or to give it its proper title, Capital One, Cup.
Bishop Brennan: You will address me by my proper title, you little b***ks
It has no proper title - we call it Jeannie's Phlox.
CELTIC are predictably long odds-on to win the Ladbrokes Premiership for the fifth season in a row, but Aberdeen could finally give Scottish football a proper title race this season.
The proper title of this absorbing photograph of (mostly) thoroughly absorbed people is The Launching of the World Unicorn, 1973, Wallsend.
However, if you are happy with the extension, it is essential for your neighbour to make sure that you give her proper title to anything that is being built on your land.
Surely there are proper title deeds in existence, someone owned the building and someone new, owns it now.
It is paramount for the optometrist to introduce their dispensing optician colleague as an expert in lenses and frame fitting, and to use their proper title of dispensing optician.
He said: "I just stupidly wrote it down for the Melbourne Comedy Festival as a hold until I came up with the proper title.
The midfielder also added that it took him to reach the age of 33 to get the experience of a proper title race, so the experience for Liverpool's young squad is going to be vital and added that there is a lot of ability in the squad.