proper title

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References in classic literature ?
But there was a feeling that "John Hatcher" or "Hatcher's John" was not the proper title by which to denote a freeman; and so in many cases "John Hatcher" was changed to "John S.
You are not so new that you can't give a gentleman his proper title.
The reason Sunday is a proper title game is Murty has taken 39 points from the other 18 games since taking charge again in late October, at the same time as Rodgers has taken 37 points from 17 games outwith that second Rangers encounter.
And whether we have a proper title race or not - at least the Ibrox men look capable of putting a run of positive results together.
Indeed, Young insists he retains great faith in his squad, reckoning they are just a few players short of being proper title contenders.
Shiel was Senior Underwriting Counsel for Palatine, Illinois-based Proper Title LLC, where among other things, he provided title and escrow staff support and training.
Considered one of the great figures in Japanese art, Hokusai is best known for his print series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, which includes the woodblock masterpiece he's most famous for, The Great Wave, or to give it its proper title Under the Wave off Kanagawa.
The George Inn Racing Syndicate, to give them their proper title, was put together by then-publican James Haigh with 15 shares - also involved is Professional Jockeys Association chief executive Paul Struthers, who has a half-share.
Providing wildland firefighters with the proper title will improve recruitment efforts and morale and also give due recognition to those brave individuals who risk their lives to protect others and their property.
He is only two games from his first proper title and back-to-back championship wins with Cosmos.
Yannis Mouzalas called it simply ' Macedonia'in a late-night interview on Tuesday, accidentally launching himself into a long and bitter dispute over the proper title of the territory.