properly qualified

See: competent
References in classic literature ?
Who was I, anyway, to know more about the sea and its ways than a properly qualified captain?
The nurse who was among those behind the error was not properly qualified and did not speak English well enough," he said, quoted by local Arabic daily Al Eqtisadiah on Sunday.
The companies appealed to the Supreme Court which nullified the fine because the head of the commission was not properly qualified.
He added: "In owning a horse, like owning a pet, it is very important to ensure that the animal has regular dental check-ups from properly qualified equine dentists.
The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons states that a man, Peter Keniry, allegedly used the name of a properly qualified and legitimately registered veterinary surgeon Shaun Kehoe.
Though Gillette respectfully disagrees that its supported performance claims are not already properly qualified, Gillette thanks the NAD for its considered review of this matter.
NAD found the evidence provided a reasonable basis for claims related to faster absorption, but cautioned that any such claims be properly qualified so as to avoid the implication that faster absorption translates to superior efficacy of its product.
Turns out he might have good reason to distrust her, though, as he discovers she isn't properly qualified.
BAAPS emphasised that surgery is a serious undertaking which requires realistic expectations and should only proceed after proper consultation with a reputable and properly qualified clinician.
AROUND 100,000 gas cookers and hobs are installed illegally every year by fitters who aren't properly qualified, a new study warns.
Labour health and wellbeing spokeswoman Cllr Roz Gladden said it was important any staff taken on were properly qualified.
A former Qantas Airways maintenance employee has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for carrying out work on aircraft without being properly qualified.