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64) As a result, primogeniture decreased the number of propertied women.
advantages to propertied spouses in common law states.
By the late eighteenth century, however, the character of the court's business, like the tough terms of contemporary wills guaranteeing strict settlement, had become freighted with the interests of propertied men.
This paper argues that the development of rue Notre-Dame, the main street of the industrial suburb of Saint-Henri, reflected the antidemocratic social consequences of capitalist accumulation and liberal ideology in the hands of the male propertied classes who controlled municipal government.
In other words, the usual beneficiaries of planning--the propertied classes--need never worry about any redistribution of social wealth and power within this framework.
A good part of the New York story centers on the Jacob and Abigail Franks family and the marriage of a daughter, Phila, to Oliver Delancey, an Anglican and member of the propertied establishment that governed the province.
This in itself is a welcome service (supported by due academic rigour and a fair repertoire of references and black and white illustrations), but Hales' main contribution concerns the domus as a social response, as a crucial means by which ancient propertied classes defined their status, registered their adherence to conventional mores--their Romanitas and indulged in imaginative projections and personal fantasies.
Some of this no doubt derived from the harshness of an English law, ever more preoccupied with the protection of the propertied classes, which eventually numbered in the range of 350 capital offences.
For other measures the problem remains: Camp compares the annual land produce of the highest propertied class, 500 medimnoi of grain, to about 730 bushels, which hardly makes any sense to a large part of the potential readers of the book; the same applies to comparing the size of the temple of Olympian Zeus to `an American football field, including the end zones' (p.
The organized female separatism of the WI was a bold initiative within a m ale-defined rural culture on the "partnership" between husband and wife, and on the connection between propertied fathers and inheriting sons.
One, propertied, Caucasian male per vote held the day until Suffrage and Civil Rights movements insisted that the principles of the Enlightenment should be applied across the board.
It's limited to the propertied class, it has not yet been extended to the workers or the community -- at least in the business view of the world.