property saved

See: salvage
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The local businessman who bought the property saved the lumber for the day when others would recognize Guthrie's importance to the town and the country.
I truly believe that we are going to begin seeing more burglars caught in the act and more property saved as a result of this program.
In fact, recent "time in motion" studies conducted specifically to measure key access at apartment communities revealed one computerized key control system on a 250-unit property saved as many as 300 staff hours annually by decreasing time spent obtaining, returning, researching and reporting for keys, according to HandyTrac Systems.
Although we appreciate the fees for the halls would have only cost during term time, we still think buying a property saved us money in the long run.
Mr Clarke, 47, said: "I've never, ever visited Kampala without seeing a fire, and have never seen any property saved from being burned to the ground.
Our property tax appeal on the sample property saved $5,688, increasing property value by an estimated $63,200.
Tenant in Common Property Saved from Foreclosure; Dividends Resume

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