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However, adjured by Ahab to tell me nothing but the truth in the name of the Lord (I Kgs 22:16), he prophesies a major defeat of Israel.
But "Protestantism did not rake place without a struggle," Zell writes (184); from the prophesies of Elizabeth Barton, the Nun of Kent, to the agitation produced by the dissolution of the monasteries and the orders to destroy traditionally Catholic objects of worship, the reformation inspired some resistance among laymen, clergy, and gentry with connections to conservative factions in Henry's court.
The Mothman Prophesies (Cert 12): stars Richard Gere and Laura Linney; director Mark Pellington.
Baird-Windle and Bader acknowledge: "It is important to recognize that his [Baird's] prophesies have all come true.
Where speakers have traditionally used their time on the rostrum to boast about brilliant discoveries, preternaturally accurate prophesies, or ingenious strategies, they now talk about missed opportunities, lack of foresight, errors in judgment, overconfidence, immaturity, remorse, and despair.
And the author of the frighteningly accurate Apocalypse Chronicles is so sure that his prediction will come true he has vowed to retire from prophesies if Manhattan is still standing on July 8.
By Gatkuoth Deng August 29,2009 -- I have been encouraged by a lot of email messages flooding my account requesting that I should avail more of Ngundeng's prophesies about Sudan.
Is it possible that the people to whom Isaiah prophesies are unable to see this beggar-God because they intuit that seeing will require a response?
Both Wetekam and Edgar stressed that, for Catholics and mainline Protestant believers, the end of time also calls for a last judgment but without conservative Christian prophesies of warfare, bloodshed and upheaval.