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Indigenous singularized health care can be positively impacted by workers' capacity to build the relativized / intercultural look, propitiated by the social care setting that enables understanding and appreciating users' knowledge and values.
In this sense, emphasis is made on its instruction models not being unidimensional; that is, to favor the construction of knowledge, diverse teaching strategies should be sought according to what is to be propitiated in students to develop their capacity to argue, explain, and restructure according to scientific knowledge.
Funes says that following the withdrawal of Soviet support, "the critical situation created in Cuban agriculture propitiated the transformation of the agrarian structure and the reach of a new technological, economic, ecological and social dimension, with the end of achieving food security with new methods and strategies.
Spiritually, they believed in a Good Spirit, who provided them with corn and beans, and propitiated an Evil One, named Hobbamocko, by dancing around a campfire, singing, and making loud noises.
Planning the building by service life and life cycle would save natural and human resources used in the building; what is more, the facilities and their correct functioning would also be secured as well as the whole system and subsystems of the building, thus a lengthy service life with planned durability and estimated in the phases of the design would be propitiated.
It is to be hoped that his hurt feelings would be propitiated and that from now on, he and Ghanaians will be on the same wavelength.
The second approach views sin as "an insult or offense to divine power," and the offended deity must be propitiated (p.
The presence of these animals in a family's herd is a constant reminder that the gods, the demons, and the aquatic and subterranean spirits have to be revered and propitiated.
Our interpretation of the sequela in this child was as follows: hemiparesis and neurodevelopment delay appeared to be consequences of progressive encephalopathy due to HIV [9] and may have been propitiated by the introduction of antiretrovirals only at age six months.
The British East India Company, whose interests were propitiated in the first round of this 'Game', has been superseded by the global oil majors, while the Central Asian Republics (CARs) and their neighbours, and Pakistan and its neighbours, India, Iran and Afghanistan, are all playing as proxies for their more powerful allies.
The integration of subversive voices in the interstices of the predominantly conservative generic edifice is in fact propitiated by the genre itself.
Myth: It's a good omen if a cobra takes up abode near your house and is propitiated with milk.