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Thus in Ga traditional religious communities, traditional priestesses like Aawon possess special public power in Ga society when the gods are public propitiated and they possess women.
Spiritually, they believed in a Good Spirit, who provided them with corn and beans, and propitiated an Evil One, named Hobbamocko, by dancing around a campfire, singing, and making loud noises.
Olosun is he who "brought rainy news from under-the-Rock," he who when he was angry with the people of Ikere caused drought, famine and barenness to come to the town and the people suffered; he who when he was propitiated (with a sacrifice of cocks, hens, yams, goats and kola nuts) made the rain begin to fall, the springs begin to flow.
In this gesture, the unfinished canvas takes on multiple roles: as a vulnerable body, like that of an elderly parent or child; as an object of reverence, its washing echoing the Christian ritual of washing feet; and as a yet-to-be-identified presence, to be propitiated as well as interrogated.
With the arrival of the Jesuits and the Portuguese colonizers, a radical alteration of the political and social equilibrium that propitiated ritual war is produced.
It is to be hoped that his hurt feelings would be propitiated and that from now on, he and Ghanaians will be on the same wavelength.
For example, at the time of planting, the serpent gods of the soil are propitiated to bring rain and protect the crops against disease and pests.
Nevertheless, it must be clarified that exactly in its beginnings, even when the mathematical formalization of the economy theory propitiated, the assumptions of the behavior of the agents did not arise from an ad-hoc axiomatization, but of some particular philosophical doctrine, for example in the case of Jevons of Bentham's utilitarianism that proposed pleasure and pain as the basic reasons that move the human acts, in the case of Walras the philosophy of the natural right, or in the case of Menger his Aristotelian formation that took him to the search of the essence of the economy phenomena by means of a theoretical research with the objective to produce exact or natural laws, to deepen these appreciations we suggest reading Backhouse (1985).
They are often, rather, fearsome and terrifying apparitions, especially perhaps the threatening female yoginis, who must be propitiated and whose fluids must be imbibed for the sake of attaining immortality and mystical powers (siddhi).
The second approach views sin as "an insult or offense to divine power," and the offended deity must be propitiated (p.
The presence of these animals in a family's herd is a constant reminder that the gods, the demons, and the aquatic and subterranean spirits have to be revered and propitiated.
shall of necessity take a woman's nature, and lose his life at the hands of his offspring in after ages; for where the blood of a family has been polluted there is no other purification, nor can the pollution be washed out until the homicidal soul which did the deed has given life for life, and has propitiated and laid to sleep the wrath of the whole family (PLATO, 1952, p.