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One of its main functions if to propitiate for citizens to be able to get ahead by themselves, so that everyone is free to decide and therefore be able to become accountable in the term's ample meaning:
In the immediate postoperative period, Gray e Matta (200530) support that nonventilated patients must be treated with oral, rectal or intramuscular codeine phosphate (30-60 mg/4-hourly) associated with paracetamol (1g/6-hourly) to propitiate a potentiated effect of the codeine.
PCA propitiate to the patient a mechanism that permits control over their own pain.
This system, although it propitiates overlaps (and therefore identity confusion), is relatively simple to use.
These and other international databases, the majority of which have an Anglo-Saxon origin, are key elements to propitiate the spread of knowledge, thus promoting the diffusion of its journals and authors.
Technology is a tool to make the processes of production more efficient, therefore, the use and application of these technologies must create solutions to the different "threats" that might affect the diverse tasks and actions which propitiate the competitiveness of the cities, such as: use of soil, urban transport, management of the waste of the city, quality of the air, construction and building, cultural heritage of the cities, systems of urban information with electronic media, sustainable energy, agriculture, new construction materials applied to urban development and sustainable management of water.
Evaluating variations in dental contour is an important aspect of dental research (4,12) because the presence of overcontour in restorations is an iatrogenic factor that propitiates gingival inflammation3,4,10 and dental breaking, compromising esthetically the restored element.
Another text, a bsang mchod (ceremony of fumigation by burning juniper), from a rNying-ma monastery, also propitiates the mountain in itself, not merely as an abode for deity.