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These results reveal the willingness to pay for security by households in Bogota, and additionally, reveal that a supposed pure public good, like security, ends up propitiating urban private markets that auction security.
They are the first plants that install propitiating satisfactory conditions that are micro-environmental for the establishment of more demanding vegetation (Leme 1993).
Anybody who has ever been persecuted by cyberstalking knows that the law (both in America and in Australia) is overwhelmingly on the victim's side, but that the average policeman is far too busy attending "sensitivity training" seminars, and otherwise propitiating power-crazed ethnic and erotic minorities, to throw the book at cyberstalkers the way the law allows him to.
In his orientation to her he is propitiating her by making sure that she would feel good about the way he treats her corpse.
Santiago relies on eating turtle eggs for strength rather than propitiating Yemaya with turtle meat (the guemilere), as he should do on her feast day (8 September).
Public-choice models characterize democracy as the conjunction of three self-interested factions: a proletariat of rent seekers; an elite decision-making class of panderers, pimps, and whores; and a priestly intermediating class of propitiating lawyers and lobbyists.
By way of propitiating the furies, I beg to invite you all to accompany me zip town and we shall again visit all the hotels at my expense.
He was a tall thin man with a prominent nose and a small mouth set in a propitiating smile.
He's propitiating his own Gods now, and he wants to know what Mother Gunga will think of a bridge being run across her.
Dudjom Rinpoche, for example, writes that "by propitiating Mundane Praise, Pelgi Senge was served by the eight-fold groups of spirits.
I was so occupied with 'relating' and responding to the peppery prose that I missed the careful clues and warnings, especially those thrown off from Joanna's elocutionary exercises, snippets of poetry which ripple through the book like propitiating music.
Propitiating President Fox by proposing a sweeping immigration reform that would allow millions of undocumented Mexicans to work legally in the United States.