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It is ochu, indeed fratricide, which ironically pollutes the land, even though it was intended for a revolutionary propitiation of the same land.
Chapter 6 develops these themes by looking at the ways in which the chimata (crossroad) rites of spirit propitiation shaped popular religious movements that were connected to Shotoku, focusing on the relationship between the cults of Shotoku and Gyoki (668?
The biblical terms for atonement, which have the associated ideas of propitiation, expiation, and cleansing, becomemeaningless without this part of the story.
HERE in is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us, and sent His Son to be the propitiation for our Sins.
Some say that it was the disenchantment of the world: the shift from a worldview that relied on prayer and the propitiation of spirits to one that relied on rational manipulation and management of nature and of society.
It is also contentious to speak of "innocent" blood, since in cultic sacrifice the purgation of contamination and transgression within a community, in propitiation of divine anger, presumes collective or at least arbitrary but non-optional vicarious guilt (the "Antigone" question).
OEG is planning to demand investment compensation from the Ukrainian state based on investments propitiation and mutual protection agreements signed between the Estonian and Ukrainian governments.
The album Yaw Tha Ma Mhwe (The Mixed) blends British electro music with Burmese nat doe, the hsaing music played at the supernatural ritual of spirit propitiation.
In the author's notes following Reverend Hale's entrance in Act I, Millet writes: "I have no doubt that people were communing with, and even worshiping, the Devil in Salera, and if the whole truth could be known in this case, as it is in others, we should discover a regular and conventionalized propitiation of the dark spirit.
He is familiar with " this landscape, but cannot bring himself to acknowledge its authority and spiritual importance with formal gestures of propitiation.
The main reason of this is the fact that local people have negative perceptions and attitudes owing to the limitation and propitiation of human activities in the National Park.
We know by Gods worde, and doe affirme, that God in his iustice regarded this proportion, that as we haue sinned both in our Bodyes & Soules, so he that was made our propitiation did purposlie and aunswerably suffer both in his Body and Soul.