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Meanwhile, astute feminists and discerning men are encouraged to reconsider their aggressive attacks on each other and to support young women who are anxious to direct their life goals more propitiously.
Where the reach of language is beyond its grasp there is the 'eloquence' of ruins and, even more propitiously, their 'broken eloquence'.
PAS) but also to position Malaysia propitiously in the international order.
The telecommunications boom was predicated on technology and regulatory changes interacting propitiously.
The sheer pretension and scope of such a critique is however propitiously alleviated by the film's self-parodic slant, by its mockery of conventional anti-materialist alternatives (anarchy and situationism for instance), and by its obdurate insistence on violence and the body as the only available venues for authentic experience.
Are employees' retirement savings invested propitiously when their portfolios are heavily weighted with employer stock?
Thus, Theremin's interests aligned propitiously with Lenin's political agenda.
Moreover, his self-professed "dream" propitiously occurs just prior to midsummer's day (343-57) When Frank commits the blunder of referring to Mr.
The novel's portrayal of the white Creoles dramatizes a mutual and creative "interculturation" between white and black Creoles, hints at ways in which this interaction could have been propitiously sustained, and foregrounds the reasons why it was stopped.
The relationship started propitiously enough, though: Wilde loved the picture and told Beardsley that he was "the only artist who, besides myself, knows what the dance of the seven veils is, and can see that invisible dance.
Prices were expected to respond more propitiously to what had been viewed as favorable market fundamentals.
More propitiously than we might have expected, this speculation offers the reader a way out of the contradictions that obtain where reality and fantasy are contiguous surfaces, where "fantasy's far side become[s] the quotidian's near side.